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But speaking of publishing


My first issue as BRIA Senior Editor is coming along!  The first paper formally accepted by my team was edited by Bertrand Malsch and is a field study of governance committees in public companies.  Shortly after than Donna Bobek Schmitt accepted a methods empirical piece examining characteristics of MTurk workers at might affect the interpretation of the results of accounting experiments.  Finally, I accepted a paper on methods about P-hacking in experimental research with a focus on audit experiments. We also have a number of papers for regular articles, replication studies, a null results paper and other methods pieces that are well along the publication path.

To cap this all off, I just received agreement from the AAA Editorial Offices that we could title our “Research Notes” section with what it has become: “Methods, Notes and Replications.”  Look forward to this in the first issue of 2019.

I want to thank our new managing editor, Nate Smith, for readily agreeing with this change.  I also want to thank our departing managing editor, Jake Bateman, for the great work he has done on the transition between editors and for the high level of professionalism he brought to the roll. Jake left the AAA to pursue other interests in beautiful Florida (yesterday was his first day of work there).

Best to Jake and welcome Nate!

(if you do not think I noticed the alliteration, you would be wrong!)

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