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The end of the week from bria . . . .


So folks that is the end of the week from BRIA.  And incidentally it marks the end of my first 100 days as senior editor (more or less).  One thing I have learned is that you have only a brief window to innovate during one time as a senior editor of a journal.  All too soon you get bogged down in the day to day administration of the journal.  That does not mean you see no more innovations at BRIA (stay tuned for the announcement of Registered Replication Reports) but the pace cools off considerably.

So after all these calls, we need some folks to pick up the phone (or in this day and age hit the accept call button on the smart phone) and answer the call.  I can only place the call, YOU need to answer!!!!!!

And remember . . . . . .   check out the BRIA website at


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