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Conferences, conferences . . . . . .


When I start a Senior Editor gig (or an EIC in the british world) I like to get out and chat with editorial board members, editors, and potential authors early in the term.  While we have all sorts of virtual communication, nothing quite does it like in person.  As you read this post, I should be in Australia where over the next three weeks I will attend three conferences.  First up is ISAR (International Symposium on Audit Research), then GMARS (Global Management Accounting Research Symposium) and finally AFAANZ’s Annual Conference (the Oz/Kiwi version of the AAA with dancing/dining).   I will be presenting and discussing papers, sitting on panels, attending doctoral consortiums etc during this fun packed three weeks (followed by a ten day vacation to recover).  So if you are there, please say hi!

Next up will be a couple of visits to Europe.  As I am a very poor traveller outside of North America, that will likely be it albeit I would not rule out a visit to Asia proper if the right invite came along.

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