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The BRIA Team – Annie Farrell

Annie Farrell is a faculty member at Miami University located in beautiful Ohio. I asked Annie to be an Editor of BRIA for several reasons. First, she is a strong management accounting scholar who has served at several universities and hence is familiar with diverse research cultures. Second, Annie travels to both US and international conferences so she has a broad perspective on management accounting research. Third, Annie is an active scholar having published in the Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research in the last five years (as well as an obscure finance journal – JFE). As Editor, Annie will handle most management accounting experimental papers with me acting as backup when she is in conflict of interest or overworked.

BRIA – for change

Yep, it’s coming – Senior Editor Steve and his band of merry editors and editorial board members “take-over” the journal on June 1. Over the next couple of weeks I will introduce the editorial team to readers and talk about what we will be doing to try and make a difference!

But this week Steve and his assistant Jaclyn are working with AAA’s Jake Bateman (as teacher/ guru) to learn the mysteries of the AllenTrack (the paper management system) so we can brief the new editors soon – very soon – I promise.  

Okay, to be honest Steve is done working and attending his 35th undergrad class reunion!

But everyone else is working!

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