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The BRIA Team – Bertrand Malsch


Bertrand is a colleague of mine at Queen’s University where I have had the pleasure of working with him on interdisciplinary behavioral and social research.  Our paper in AJPT sets out some editorial standards for assessing the quality of field research done from both a positivist and an interpretivist perspective.  Bertrand brings a strong record of publishing in accounting (AOS, CAR, AJPT) with interests in auditing, corporate governance and management accounting in addition to publishing in management journals (JMS) to his first masthead experience as an Editor with full decision rights.  Bertrand and his colleagues will no doubt attract strong field research to BRIA.  He will handle most of the more interpretivistic studies whereas I will handle the more positivist ones.  I am looking forward to building on Theresa Libby’s attempt to incorporate more field research into BRIA.  Indeed, I recently published (with co-authors Kenno and McCracken) a how to do it field research paper in BRIA at the request Editor Rick Hatfieldn.  If this does not demonstrate we are serious about being a broad based behavioral and social journal I do not know what will.  As being one of the rare active researchers who was around when BRIA was founded, BRIA may still live up to its aims of being the AOS of North America.  Not a bad goal.

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