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Prima donnas in accounting!


If you are one you are probably not reading this blog ! Too bad as there is so much you can learn!

How to keep promised deadlines for journal reviews!
Editing manuscripts in a timely fashion!
Keeping your committee activities up to date at the association or section level!
Giving reasonable response times to doctoral students!

No, but it is ALL about you isn’t it?

You write nasty notes to editors after your manuscript has been under review for 75 days!
You take your time on revisions to articles and then demand your co-authors turn things around on a dime ( I admit this is one of my BIGGEST failings that puts me close to the PD category! – some would say I am one but I disagree and I digress!😜)
Ask your colleagues for comments on your paper over the weekend, complain if you do not get them, BUT never comment on a paper yourself!

Yep, we have our share of PD’s in our profession! The biggest concern is when they get into positions where they can really gum up the works – like being journal editors and presidents of associations and sections! Then we all pay the price for putting up with their PD ways over the years!

So just say NO the next time a PD makes an impossible demand or carries out their task poorly! STOP being enablers for these dysfunctional people and make it costly for them to continue on their merry self- centred ways! After all, it is so about them they are likely to miss it!

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