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Silence is golden until it is not – REVISED


Folks,  the past few months have been very frustrating as there have been a number of behind the scene moves in the old academic publishing world that would make your blood boil if you knew about them in context.  Not the least of which was the decision by current CAR Editor (in-chief) to lock me out of the CAR manuscript system and enjoin me from continuing to edit my remaining work in progress (some 18 papers from authors all over the world).  And because this one only involves me, it is the only one that I can freely mention.

Yet today we find the results of an example of the type of tough decision that I made as an Editor.  Other than the editor of the Accounting Review (way to go Steve K! well done), it is now clear that I was the only major journal Editor who reacted appropriately (per the COPE guidelines see (  when the Accounting Review retracted the Hunton and Gold article in the fall of 2012.  I immediately reviewed all articles that Hunton had written for CAR (luckily there were only three) and acted to start the process of retraction including filing papers with Bentley University on one particularly serious case. See the notice from Bentley University.


It makes it clear that my inquiry into the Hunton affair was totally correct and that my actions were correct in all respects.  Hopefully the powers that be will now act as by the time I had things resolved I had lost all moral authority to lead a the journal.

I may not comment frequently in blog land these days as without a doubt I am still bitter about the way that the CAAA Executive treated me in the last months as CAR editor and their continuing treatment of me since my term ended.  The best way that I find to deal with it is to remain silent for the present.

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