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The Radical Center Gets its Voice Back

Well after a six months hiatus from blog-land, he’sssssss back! Musings on Accounting Research (MOAR which can be pronounced MORE by Steve) is the title I have given this blog to indicate that it is both a continuation of the old CAReditorsteve blog but that it will also be much much MORE!!!!!

Yes indeed the weird wacky and wonderful world of accounting research gets put under the microscope of the consummate insider/outsider who while he may have a “big mouth” also speaks “the truth” and is not afraid of naming the “elephants in the room”!

And boy do I have things to share with you over the coming weeks.

Since I last visited blog-land I have been to GMARS, the AAA, to NTU in Singapore, to EARNet in Germany and to Berne in Switzerland. I have seen up close and personal the continuation of the old paradigm wars as well as new practical ways to collaborate across institutions that is respectful of the diverse research traditions that are available to us in the accounting world.

I hope this blog will be both a “point of light” for those of us who believe in the idea that all social science research has insights into the phenomena that unites us, accounting, and that it will be a source of information to younger researchers about the vagaries of the accounting publishing process.

Some of the postings will be recycled CAReditorsteve postings that have been organized and collected by themes.  These will be on permanent pages that are listed across the top of the screen.  Today’s feature is collected early musings on reviews and the publishing process.

Other postings will be current event postings about accounting research live as it happens.

So after six months, itsssssss back! Stay tuned.

It’s coming

The blogging world cannot await – a blog on the exciting topic of accounting research.


HERE on Halloween!!!!!!!!!


Be ready to be scared!!!!!!

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